11 Best Beaches in Sydney


Sydney is famous for its crystal clear and turquoise blue water, snowy white sand and stunning beaches. Sydney is a one of the Cheap holiday destinations and offers water sports activities, swimming, sunbathing and making castles on the beach.

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There are more than 90 beaches in and around Sydney and it’s very hard to choose the 11 Best Beaches in Sydney but here I have picked some of the best beaches which will take your breath away.

Bondi Beach


One of the most iconic, gorgeous white sand, famous and one of the best beaches in Australia is Bondi Beach. No tour to Australia or even Sydney is complete without visiting Bondi Beach.

Manly Beach


Manly Beach is one the most famous and lively beach in Sydney and many locals prefer Manly over Bondi Beach as besides the beach, it offers plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions nearby.

Shelly Beach


Shelly Beach is famous, secluded and well known for snorkelling, scuba diving and underwater photography as it’s a home to exotic marine life in azure water.

Palm Beach


Since it’s far from CBD it’s not at all crowded and swimmers can relax and enjoy a great time on any sunny day and this beach featured many times in the famous Australian TV series.

Balmoral Beach


Blue-green and calm water, extraordinary view, idyllic picnic spots makes Balmoral Beach great for families. Perfect place for picnics and life moves at a more relaxed pace at the beach.

Bronte Beach


Are you are looking for a perfect beach for surfing? Well, I have good news for you, waves at Bronte Beach can be rough, offers great surf conditions makes it a heaven for surfers.

Milk Beach


Milk beach sits at the base of the Heritage listed Strickland House which also offers unobstructed views of Sydney famous iconic landmark

Coogee Beach


Water is usually calm and very suitable for swimming. It’s advisable to swim always between flags for your own safety. Coogee Beach is the most famous and favourite beach among families.

Freshwater Beach


The beach is flanked by a headland at each end and the north end has a large rock pool. Due to one or two-meter mark wave, it’s very popular among surfers and it is always busy during summertime.

Cronulla Beach


Cronulla Beach is a famous surf beach and the only beach in Sydney accessible by train; it means no need to keep on searching for a car park in summer.

Shark Beach


Despite near to impossible parking and a jam-packed beach, Nielsen Park is blessed with the sparkling gem of Shark Beach that also offers splendid harbour views.