6 Romantic Getaways in Australia 


Every couple has a different idea for their best romantic getaway - Its can be time spent in pristine white sandy beaches, adventure in the wilderness, exotic rainforest lodges, or candlelight dinner in a romantic sunset.

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With our selection of romantic getaways, you'll be able to find the ideal secluded retreat. On Incredible Australia.

Hamilton Island


It’s in Whitsunday Islands, a car free island full of bushland, fringed by tropical coral reef and its perfect romantic island just like you have imagined in your dream.  

Barossa Valley


The Barossa Valley is a great destination to have wine and dine, holding hand of your partner, sitting underneath the big open sky of the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.



Beautiful and bright skyline, live music, late night shopping, street food to fine dining experience, one of the best nightlife, the choice of romantic getaways Melbourne has to offer are endless!