11 Things to do in South Australia


South Australia offers stunning coastline, stark desert, premium wineries, great Australian outback, impressive natural beauty and many more.

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South Australia has it all: magnificent coastlines, arid deserts, the great Australian outback, breathtaking natural beauty, and so much more.

Fleurieu Peninsula


The Fleurieu Peninsula offers some of the pristine beaches and renowned wine experience, natural landscape and seascape of the region.

Coober Pedy


You will be amazed to know that to save themselves from really hot summer, more than half of the town’s families built their houses underground.

Murray River


 Murray River has a wide range of activities and entertainment which you will never find it anywhere else and makes it perfect for all age group.

Mount Gambier


Mount Gambier is nestled on an inactive volcano also famous for sinkhole gardens, gorgeous Blue Lake and offers plenty of scenic spots to explore.

Robe South Australia


Robe’s unique mixture of the historical buildings, beautiful lakes, incredible beaches, dense bush, and big commercial vessels for fishing is widely appreciated.

Clare Valley


Clare Valley is one of the very famous  wine regions of South Australia. It is a heaven for wine lovers and it’s also home to over 30 cellar doors.