11 Things to do in South Australia


South Australia is home to spectacular coastlines, barren deserts, premium wines, the great Australian outback, breathtaking natural beauty, and much more.

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I have covered 11 things to do in South Australia that offers stunning coastline, stark desert, premium wineries, great Australian outback, impressive natural beauty and many more.



The Adelaide region is known for producing some of Australia’s best vintages and gourmet foods, museums, scenic beauty, gardens and festivals.

Barossa Valley


Whoever visits the Barossa Valley goes for either romantic getaways or both premium wine and renowned culinary experiences.

Flinders Ranges


The beauty of the South Australian Outback, rocky gorges of the Flinders Ranges add an ancient silhouette to the landscape.

Eyre Peninsula


Eyre Peninsula has a natural beauty that offers you stunning white sand beaches and amazing marine life and it’s a paradise for adventure seekers.

Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island is a natural sanctuary, protected in nature reserves and home of native wildlife.