Top 7 Haunted places in Australia


If you love ghosts, tales of paranormal activities and horror stories and want to do something different than visiting iconic places then you are at the right page. I am really excited to share top 7 haunted places in Australia.

Let’s get started!

these places turn into deeply disturbing, spooky and might give shivers you or scare the hell out of you.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Victoria


people hear children laughing and strange noises in the building. and Many people believe that their spirits still remained there as hundreds of patients were buried in unmarked graves on the site.

Gladesville Mental Hospital, NSW


There were reports of a patient’s head bashed with a chamber pot, physical and sexual abuse with female patients, and burnt face of a female patient due to excessive electric shock treatment.

Port Arthur, Tasmania


Convicts were kept in awful and unbearable conditions, as a result around 1000 prisoners died and people have heard strange voices, screams and, banging doors and also witnessed hanged souls, felt presence of spirits.