Dog friendly camping


Want to go for camping but don’t want to leave your pooch in the kennel? If yes then I have good news! there are so many great pet friendly camping sites where you can enjoy a great time with man’s best friend.

Have a Pawsome time.!

Well before I mention camping sites, I would like to give you some tips, advice and things to carry when you are going on an adventure so that you and your furry friend have a fun and safe time on the trip.

Before you go to camp


Take your dog to the vet before you take him/her to camping sites, microchip your dog and make sure there is a dog tag with up to date information of you on the collar

Things to carry


Keep all necessary and updated documents of dog, and dog’s first aid kit. Take leash, food, water bowl, clean water bottles and carry lots of toys.

On Arrival at Camp


keep your dog on leash but before you set up the camp, let him sniff and let him settle at that place. Take them for a walk and show them campsites and around.

List of dog friendly campsites


Here are the top dog friendly camping sites (multiple destinations) in Australia and the top dog friendly camping sites state wise  in Australia: