3 Things You Should Know When Going Dog Friendly Camping

Dog Friendly Camping
Dog Friendly Camping

Want to go for camping but don’t want to leave your pooch in the kennel? Are you Looking for dog friendly camping sites and do you want to enjoy camping, forest adventures and all other activities with your loving dog? If yes then I have good news! there are so many great pet friendly camping sites where you can enjoy a great time with man’s best friend.

We love our dog and it’s super fun when you have your dog with you and it gives you peace of mind also or else even while camping you will keep on thinking what he or she must be doing? Whether he/she had food or not? Or he/she must be looking for me? Well now you don’t have to worry about that, just pack your bags and get ready for a new adventure.

Having Fun in Camp
Having Fun in Camp

Well before I mention camping sites, I would like to give you some tips, advice and things to carry when you are going on an adventure so that you and your furry friend have a fun and safe time on the trip. Have a Pawsome time.

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Before you go to dog friendly camping sites

  • It’s always advisable to take your dog to the vet before you take furry friends to camping sites. Make sure they are fully vaccinated and also explain to the vet about your travel plans so if necessary they can give medication for flea and tick.
  • I would also recommend to microchip your dog and make sure there is a dog tag with up to date information of you on the collar( your name and number), just in case they are lost.
  • I would also suggest to read all rules and regulations of camping sites to avoid future problems. Some sites have on and off peak season and it might be that during peak season dogs might not be allowed on site or maybe the dog has to be on a leash all the time.

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  • Make sure you have a dog car harness and other items which are necessary to have when you are travelling with your dog in a car.
  • In case your dog is on medication or need certain medicine then buy it well in advance as you may not be able to get it or the pharmacy may run out of stock. Even if you go for few days but still make sure you please keep some extra as you have adequate medication for extended stays.
  • Do a research on facilities in the vicinity, availability of dog foods and veterinary service near campsite just in case of emergency.
Vet Clinic Near Camp
Vet Clinic Near Camp

Things to carry to dog friendly camping sites

  • Keep all necessary and updated documents of dog with you such as microchip paper just in case your dog wanders away from the campsite and lost, adoption paper, licensed or permit card to have certain dogs and so on.
  • Like a human a dog’s first aid kit is also mandatory. Buy it from the pet store, vet clinic or make your own. Make sure they are labelled properly and they are not expired.

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  • We often prepare everything for us like a tent, sleeping bags and we don’t think about the sleeping arrangement of our furry friends. It’s also important to think about where and how they will sleep. Pack things according to the season, it’s always handy to have a backup also just in case your first option does not work out on site.
  • Sometimes in hurry, often we forget very important but minor items such as leash, food and water bowl.
Dog on Leash
Dog on Leash
  • Lots of clean water bottles or small water purification system as sometimes its only river water is available on camping sites.
  • Food with a resealable container as you don’t want other wildlife to enter in that food or take away your food.
  • It’s very important to check your dog every day on the campsite so that they stay away from fleas and tick. Keep tick tweezers so that they stay tick and flea free on the campsite.
  • Bring extra towels just in case your dog gets wet as you will be able to dry them off.

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  • Keep a poop bag as many people overlook when packing for a camping trip.
  • Keep a book or diary and write every minor detail of your dog for the whole day like what they had, with whom they went, what they were wearing just in case you need all information to give to police if they are lost, in case of sickness to vet or even for your own memory to look back in time.
  • Dog loves to play and to keep them busy, make sure you carry lots of toys. They love it if you bring his/her favourite toy also.
Running in Camp
Running in Camp
  • Every dog loves to be pampered and spoiled. Keep treats to reward your pooch for his/ her good behaviour on the campsite.
  • Dog loves to roll or rub themselves in the grass. Brush or comb will be handy to remove tangled hair.
  • Keep some cash handy as there might be pet fees or charges which may have not been mentioned during your booking.
  • Cash can be useful also just in case you need to buy some emergency supplies for your pooch from or nearby campsites and they mostly don’t have card facilities.

On Arrival at dog friendly Camping sites

  • Once you arrive at your camp make sure you keep your dog on leash but before you set up the camp take him to the site and let him sniff and let him settle at that place especially for all those dog owners who are taking their dog first time. Remember they are not in their house and they need to be aware of the place and people around them so give them little time and be patient till they are settled.

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  • Once you set up the camp make sure you take them for a walk and show them campsites and around. This will help them to adjust or familiarise themselves with new smells and sights.
Walk with Pooch
Walk with Pooch
  • Check all signs and hazards warning near campsites and it’s important that you keep your dog on leash all the time.
  • Ask securities or management if there is any hare traps or activities of snakes and also collect all information just in case you spot any or what to do in the event of a snake bite.
  • Make sure you take a dog for a walk only on designated walking tracks or areas.

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  • Check out all activities you can do along with your dog apart from just walk. Some campsites offer dog friendly games also.
  • And lastly, make sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed so that they do not bark the whole night as in that case management may ask you to leave from the campsite.

    Relaxed in Camp
    Relaxed in Camp

List of dog friendly campsites and caravan parks 

Here are the top dog friendly camping sites (multiple destinations) in Australia:








Here are the top dog friendly camping sites state wise  in Australia:

Dog friendly camping sites in Queensland





Dog friendly camping sites in Western Australia




Dog friendly camping sites in South Australia




Dog friendly camping sites in New South Wales



Dog friendly camping sites in Australian Capital Territory 



Dog friendly camping sites in Tasmania



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