Where to Eat in Sydney

Where to Eat in Sydney
Where to Eat in Sydney

Located on the South Pacific coast, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and the most populated city in Oceania and Australia. The historic city has Aboriginal archaeological sites from the Indigenous Australians that have lived there for over 30,000 years and a variety of other attractions as well. 

With sandy beaches, lush green parks, and a large harbor, outdoor activities are popular. From the Sydney Opera House to the Sydney Tower, you will have so much to see but you also have to eat. Wondering where to eat in Sydney, Australia? You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re seeking for popular Sydney eateries or places where u can eat in Sydney

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An Aussie Brekkie

An Aussie Brekkie
An Aussie Brekkie

Social Brew Café

The Aussies call it brekkie and you will love the brekkie sandwiches at Social Brew Café. It’s egg, bacon, and swiss on a brioche bun with rocket and tomato chutney. They also have hotcakes, eggs benedict, oats, salmon and avocado sandwiches, and Northern beans with eggs and sausage. Or you can have pastries. 

Cooh Bourke Road

This lovely spot is a nice place for a sit-down breakfast and enjoy a mimosa or bloody Mary too. Cooh’s B&E Roll has a double rasher of eggs, mushrooms, cheese, spinach, and tomato topped with onion jam and aioli. Or you can get the zucchini buckwheat fritters, pancakes, or a bowl of ancient grain porridge. 

Four Ate Five

For a healthy breakfast or French toast dripping in syrup and sugar, Four Ate Five serves it all day long. Get your eggs poached, fried, or scrambled with your choice of 12 toppings. Or try the house muesli, five kinds of bagel sandwiches, or a banana loaf with cream cheese. They even have beetroot labneh.

Lunch Rush Cafés 

The Rusty Rabbit

The Rusty Rabbit is all about lunch and they can make a sandwich like nobody else. The chili fried chicken is amazing with sweet soy slaw, the kafta boss has lamb with hummus, pickled cabbage, and pomegranate, and Mr. Beef is full of juicy beef and melty cheese. They also have vegan choices with hummus and falafel.

Gazzi Café 

This Mediterranean café serves quality food in a casual spot and has daily specials. The smoked salmon poke bowl is popular with the locals and the Gazzi pitta with lamb, dill tzatziki, and fennel is outstanding. Or have the steak sammy with caramel onions and sauce with chips (fries).

Limestone Café 

With Maltese and Australian cuisine, the Limestone Café is different from the rest. The beef pies come with peppers or mushrooms or try the smashed beef burger with onion jam. The spicy beef burrito, pork Cubano with ham and swiss, and the tuna ftira are incredible. They even have French pastries.

Fine Dining for Dinner

Fine Dining for Dinner
Fine Dining for Dinner


When you get the 8-course meal at Quay, expect to be floored by the taste as well as the artistry of each plate. From raw scallops in oyster cream to the Maremma duck with garlic and blueberries and ending with a dessert of white coral greengage plum sherbet, prepare for greatness like you have never had before.


The tasting menu at Bentley is special because it can be vegetarian or regular. The veggie meal has dishes like Andean Sunrise potato and kohlrabi or Fairytale eggplant with mushroom and lemon thyme. On the meat menu, you can find roasted lamb, Murray cod, Skull Island prawn, or Hiramasa kingfish. 


The 7-course degustation menu at Sails is known for its inventive dishes. Some of these may include the Bannockburn chicken with bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onion, the Hiramasa kingfish with spanner crab and dill creme fraiche, or the Ranger’s Valley black onyx beef with smoked eggplant. End with a torte, brûlée, or mille-feuille.

Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats
Cheap Eats


Pasta lovers flock to Friggitoria for their inexpensive but scrumptious dishes. Some of the best include the caprese with bocconcini mozzarella, lasagna napoletana with ricotta, eggplant parmigiano, and the antipasto italiano tasting board. For dessert, try the tiramisu, ricotta cannoli, or Nutella pizza.

Bondi Surf Seafoods

Found on the beach, Bondi Surf Seafoods has the freshest seafood in town according to locals. Whether you want fish, oysters, crustaceans, sushi, or some other seafood creation, these guys can make it for you. Octopus, marinated calamari, mussels, and sardines are very popular as are the deep-fried Mars bars. 

Spice Alley

Spice Alley is the place to go for any kind of Asian food. It is an alley filled with different delights. Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, and two Singaporean eateries are all in one spot so you can grab whatever you want from each one and have a seat outside or inside at one of the 11 spots. 

Desserts and Delights

Where to eat in Sydney? -Desserts and Delights
Where to eat in Sydney? -Desserts and Delights

Anita La Mamma del Gelato 

With 53 flavors including 16 vegan and three sugar-free, you can spend every day at Anita for almost two months without having the same flavor twice. They also have handmade waffles with fruit or ice cream and hot chocolate soufflé. Or try the Health Pack, which is a pack of nuts, cranberries, and other goodies. 

Doughnut Time

How about some donuts? Doughnut Time has 14 flavors to choose from including the Liam Hemsworthy, which is red velvet cake with cookies and cream frosting and crushed ripple biscuits. Or try the Fairy Godmother with buttercream and sprinkles. And Slim Shady has vanilla glaze with mini-M&Ms on top.

La Renaissance Pâtisserie 

For some fancy pastries and cakes, La Renaissance has a plethora of divine delights for you. The Zulu has Valrhona chocolate mousse with passionfruit and almond nougat. The Monet is several layers of vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate, raspberries, and lychee jelly. Or get the tiramisu, crème brûlée, tarts, or éclairs.

End Note

Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, Aussie cuisine is fantastic no matter what you get. From donuts to burgers and seafood, it’s all worth seeking out! Their Asian choices are also fantastic. But you really should try some of the authentic Australian dishes while you are in Sydney. 

After reading this blog, I’m confident you won’t be confused about where to eat in Sydney.


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