Love Pet Friendly Camping? These 37 Tips Can Help!

Pet Friendly Camping
Pet Friendly Camping

Want to go camping but can’t leave your dog in a kennel? Are you looking for pet friendly camping sites to enjoy wilderness explorations, camping, and other activities with your loyal companion? If you answered yes, I have some wonderful news for you! There are several pet-friendly camping spots where you may spend quality time with man’s greatest friend.

We adore our dog, and having him or her with us is lots of fun. It also provides you piece of mind, otherwise, even when camping, you’ll be wondering what he or she is up to. Whether or if he/she had eaten? or is he/she on the lookout for me? Now you don’t have to be concerned about it; simply pack your belongings and prepare for a new adventure.

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Before I go into camping spots, I’d want to give you some ideas, advice, and items to bring on an expedition so that you and your canine companion have a good time and stay safe.

Enjoy your Pawsome time in great pet friendly camping areas.

Before you drive to a pet friendly camping

Dog on Leash - Pet Friendly Camping
Dog on Leash – Pet Friendly Camping
  • Before taking your dog to a camping site, it’s usually a good idea to take him to the vet. Confirm that they’re completely vaccinated, and inform the vet about your vacation plans so they can provide flea and tick treatment if necessary.
  • I would also advise microchipping your dog and attaching a dog tag to the collar with up-to-date information about you (your name and phone number) in case they get lost.
  • I would also advise reading all camping site laws and regulations to avoid future issues. Some locations have peak and off-peak seasons, and dogs may not be permitted on site during peak season or must be kept on a leash at all times.

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  • When traveling with your dog in a car, make sure you have a dog car harness and other accessories that are required.
  • If your dog is on medication or requires a specific drug, order it ahead of time since you may not be able to obtain it or the pharmacy may be out of stock. Even if you’re just going for a few days, be sure you carry enough medication for the duration of your trip.
  • Make a list of nearby amenities, dog food availability, and a veterinarian facility near the campground in case of an emergency.

What to bring to a pet friendly camping?

Relaxed in Camp - - Pet Friendly Camping
Relaxed in Camp – – Pet Friendly Camping
  • Keep any relevant and up-to-date pooch documentation with you, such as a microchip paper in case your dog gets lost while camping, adoption papers, certified or permitting cards for particular dogs, and so on.

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  • A dog’s first aid kit, much like a human’s, is required. Purchase it from a pet store or a veterinarian, or make your own. Make sure they’re correctly labelled and not outdated.
  • We generally prepare everything for ourselves, such as a tent and sleeping bags, but we often overlook our furry companions’ sleeping arrangements. It’s also crucial to consider where and how they’ll sleep. Pack items according to the season; it’s also a good idea to have a backup in case your initial choice doesn’t work out on the site.
  • We sometimes miss extremely vital but small essentials like as the leash, food, and water bowl when we are in a rush.
  • Take a lot of clean water bottles or a modest water filtration device with you because camping spots often only have river water.
  • Food in a resealable container because you don’t want other creatures/animals to eat it or steal it away.
  • It is critical to inspect your dog on a daily basis when camping to ensure that they are free of fleas and ticks. Tick tweezers should be kept on hand at all times when camping to keep ticks and fleas at bay.

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  • Always keep spare towels on hand in case your dog gets wet and needs to be dried off and when preparing for a camping vacation, don’t forget to bring a poop bag.
Fun in Pet Friendly Camp - Pet Friendly Camping
Fun in Pet Friendly Camp – – Pet Friendly Camping
  • Keep a book or diary in which you record every minor detail about your dog for the entire day, such as what they ate, where they went, and what they wore, just in case you need all of this information to give to the police if they go missing, to the vet if they become ill, or even for your own memory to look back in time.
  • Dogs enjoy playing, so make sure you have plenty of toys on hand to keep them occupied and they adore it if you also bring his or her favourite toy.

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  • Every dog enjoys being spoilt and pampered. Keep treats on hand as a reward for your dog’s good camping behaviour.
  • Dogs enjoy rolling around in the grass or rubbing themselves in it and to get rid of knotted hair, use a brush or comb.
  • Keep some cash on hand in case there are any pet fees or costs that were not disclosed during your reservation.
  • Cash might also be essential if you need to buy emergency supplies for your dog from or nearby campgrounds, which don’t usually accept credit cards.

When you arrive at a pet friendly camping site

Walk with Furry Friend - Pet Friendly Camping
Walk with Furry Friend – – Pet Friendly Camping
  • When you go to your camp, keep your dog on a leash, but before you set up camp, walk him to the site and let him sniff it out. This is especially important for dog owners who are taking their dog for the first time. Remember that they are not at their home and must be conscious of the surroundings and people, so give them some time and patience until they are calm.

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  • After you’ve set up camp, take them for a stroll and show them the campsites and the area as this will assist them in adjusting to or becoming familiarised with new scents and sights.
  • Check any signs and risks warnings surrounding campgrounds, and remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times.
Clinic Near Camp - Pet Friendly Camping
Clinic Near Camp – Pet Friendly Camping
  • Inquire with security or management if there are any rabbit traps or snake activity, and get any relevant information in case you come across any or need to know what to do in the event of a snake bite and make sure you only walk your dog on specified walking paths or zones.
  • Apart from walking, see what other activities you can do with your dog as some campgrounds even include dog-friendly games.
  • Finally, ensure that your dog is happy and relaxed so that they do not bark all night, otherwise management may ask you to vacate the campsite.

The following is a list of Pet Friendly Campgrounds and RV parks

Here are some of Australia’s best Pet Friendly Camping Areas (in various locations):

Here are the top dog friendly state wise destinations sites in Australia:


Western Australia

South Australia

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory



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